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Soul Eater
Part Four DVD

Includes: Eps 40-51
Rating: TV-14
Release Date: 7/27/2010

Market: $59.98
Price: $44.99 (25% savings)

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As students of the Grim Reaper at Death Weapon Meister Academy, Maka is a Meister and Soul is her Weapon – he literally transforms into a razor-sharp scythe. Maka’s wielded her partner in countless fights against the supernatural minions of darkness, and their power has grown in both triumph and defeat – but the true test of their lethal abilities will now be faced.

The forces of wickedness surround Maka, Soul, and their classmates. Arachnophobia’s ghoulish legions are closing in. The witch Medusa’s twisted magic is more potent than ever. Once again, the demonic Kishin threatens the world. As these monsters rise to unleash hell, heroic Weapons and Meisters must stand united against incredible odds. The final battle in the war between good and evil is here, and both sides will suffer before victory is claimed.


  • Includes: Eps 40-51
  • Format: DVD
  • Language: English,Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Main Feature Video: 480 Standard Definition
  • Special Feature Video: 480 Standard Definition
  • Main Feature Audio: English 5.1 Surround,Japanese Stereo
  • Special Feature Audio: English Stereo,Japanese Stereo
  • Main Feature Runtime: 315
  • Special Feature Runtime: 31
  • Region: 1, 4
  • Number of DVDs: 2
  • Studio: FUNimation
  • UPC: 704400011733


  • Actor Commentary
  • Soul Eater Late Show
  • Textless Songs
  • Trailers