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Master of Martial Hearts
The Complete Series - Anime Classics DVD

Includes: Eps 1-5
Rating: TV-MA
Release Date: 12/6/2011

Market: $24.98
Price: $18.74 (25% savings)

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Aya\’\s carefree existence takes a bone-crushingly violent turn when she wanders into the midst of a sadistic, girl-on-girl martial arts tournament. Her freshly-pressed school uniform doesn\’\t stand a chance of surviving this pulverizing peep show, but Aya\’\s out to prove that she can take a pounding just as well as the other knock-outs in this clandestine competition. If she emerges victorious from a series of fabric-shredding fights with titillating teachers, sultry stewardesses, and mesmerizing maidens of the moe variety, Aya\’\s every wish will be granted by a mysterious jewel known as the Platonic Heart. But if she goes down for the count, she\’\ll join the growing ranks of brutally bruised – yet resiliently buxom – beauties that are never heard from again!


  • Includes: Eps 1-5
  • Format: DVD
  • Language: English,Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Aspect Ratio: 16x9
  • Main Feature Video: 480 Standard Definition
  • Special Feature Video: 480 Standard Definition
  • Main Feature Audio: English 5.1 Surround,Japanese Stereo
  • Special Feature Audio: English Stereo,Japanese Stereo
  • Main Feature Runtime: 150
  • Special Feature Runtime: 30
  • Region: 1, 2, 4
  • Number of DVDs: 1
  • Studio: FUNimation
  • UPC: 704400088469


  • Video Commentary with Japanese Cast
  • Trailers