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Axis Powers: The Complete Series - Anime Classics DVD

Includes: Eps 1-52
Rating: TV-MA
Release Date: 7/9/2013

Market: $34.98
Price: $26.24 (25% savings)

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Forget everything you learned in history class, and imagine all the nations of the world as cute guys hanging out on a wildly inappropriate reality show. Now, toss in every stereotype ever and prepare to pledge allegiance to your favorite superpower in Hetalia Axis Powers!

Maybe you\’\ll surrender to Italy\’\s charms. He\’\s a sweetie who\’\s always got a noodle in his mouth and he\’\s BFF with blue-eyed Germany and shy Japan. Sounds nice, right? Of course, their friendship sort of causes World War II, but is that really such a big deal? Not if it means those adorable allies France, America, and England will be stormin\’\ the beach! No matter who comes out on top, victory is yours! Now ditch your textbooks and try to keep up, because history happens fast in Hetalia Axis Powers!


  • Includes: Eps 1-52
  • Format: DVD
  • Language: English,Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Aspect Ratio: 16x9
  • Main Feature Video: 480 Standard Definition
  • Special Feature Video: 480 Standard Definition
  • Main Feature Audio: English 5.1 Surround,Japanese Stereo
  • Special Feature Audio: English Stereo,Japanese Stereo
  • Main Feature Runtime: 260
  • Special Feature Runtime: 80
  • Region: 1, 2, 4
  • Number of DVDs: 4
  • Studio: FUNimation
  • UPC: 704400079146


  • Actor Commentaries
  • Show Comments by Director Bob Shirahata, Parts 1-3
  • Director Bob Shirahata’s ED Sequence Comments
  • The Hidden History Hidden Within Hetalia
  • Director Bob Shirahata & Atsushi Kosaka (Prussia) Talk
  • Atsushi Kosaka (Prussia) Commemorates the Announcement of the Hetalia Movie
  • Director Bob Shirahata & Aki Kanada (Chibi Italy) Talk
  • Director Bob Shirahata & Daisuke Namikawa (Italy) Talk
  • Textless Closing Song
  • Trailers