Kaneda’s Jacket

Limited Collector’s Edition Leather Jacket

Neo Tokyo Meets Milan

Conquer the streets in style. This beautifully designed jacket is limited to 300 units, and the end of the world waits for no one. Available starting Tuesday, July 13.

  • Officially Licensed & Based on the Manga
  • Genuine Leather
  • High-quality Lining with Functional Clasps
  • Designed in Italy & Manufactured in Germany
  • Extremely Limited to 300 Units
  • Funimation Shop Exclusive
  • Sold Out Around the World!


Staying true to the manga’s original design (no capsule emblem) while leaning into the movie’s style, this genuine leather jacket has a high-quality lining and functional clasps.

These authentic details will transport you to Neo Tokyo with meticulously crafted design and luxurious comfort.

The Creation Process

This high-quality leather jacket was designed in Italy and manufactured in Germany.

Proudly created by Carlo Levy (Managing Director of DYBEX S.A.) and Stefan Henzgen (MD of Van Doornum GmbH & Co.).

Master artisan Alessandro Trombetta (Designer) worked meticulously to bring this iconic piece to life.

Just some of the 50+ hues of red that were analyzed in the carefully crafted process. Selected color swatches were then reviewed to unleash the perfect shade of rebellion!

From the Designer

“I have been a fan of AKIRA since 1989 and always dreamed of having a replica of the iconic jacket. So, I did what any superfan would do...I went after the license and had our team design it!”

— Carlo Levy, Managing Director of DYBEX S.A.