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Galaxy Angel
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  • $29.99
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Galaxy Angel

AA + S

  • $29.99
  • Retail Price $ 39.99
The wacky adventures of the Angel Brigade continue as they spread mayhem and mischief across the galaxy. As always, Milfeulle is so scatter-brained that she rarely has a clue to what’s going on, but her infinite good luck gets her out of trouble. She’s accompanied by her teammates, the gun-crazy Forte, man-hunting Ranpha, cosplay-obsessed Mint, ever-so-pious Vanilla and her AI companion Normad.

Join the Angel Brigade as they perform their normal duties searching for and protecting the Lost Technology, dieting to prepare for an evacuation drill and forging a pilot’s license. In their spare time, they still manage to give a tour of the base, take a hot springs vacation and play a deadly game of volleyball to avenge a fallen comrade.

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Languages: English Japanese
Format: Blu-ray
Release Date: August 4, 2020
Includes: 1-26
SubTitle: English
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Main Feature Audio: DTS Stereo 2.0: English DTS Stereo 2.0: Japanese English 5.1 DTS
Main Feature Video: 1080p High Definition (SD Upconversion)
Main Feature Runtime: 363
Region: A
Number of Blu-ray Discs: 3
Number of DVD Discs: 0
UPC: 742617202827
Studio: FUNimation